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Monday, June 20, 2016

Most important area to study in Organon of Medicine & Homeopathic Philosophy for a competitive exam

Homoeopathic Philosophy is a vast subject and it is very difficult to study each line during the preparation for a competitive examination. Generally, the questions are asked especially from following areas. So strike in the following areas to score a high position.

1. Aphorisms:
  • Students should have a clear idea regarding all the aphorisms and their footnotes.
  • Appendix to Organon 
  • Introduction to Organon
2. Life and works of Pioneers
  • Great homoeopaths with a special reference to their contributions and reason for their conversion to homoeopathy
3. History of Organon of Medicine
  • Precursors of Organon
  • Different editions of Organon and number of aphorisms in each Edition
  • Year of publication
  • Name of translators
  • Place of publication and other various changes that the book underwent.
4. History of Medicine
  • Various systems of medicine
  • Detailed history homoeopathy in India. 
  • History of medicine in the textbook of preventive & social medicine by Park & Park can be referred.
5. Questions are expected from Kent's Lectures, Genius of Homoeopathy. In most of the exams, few questions are asked regarding Kent`s observations

6. Chronic diseases
  • Different Editions 
  • Prefaces 
  • Contents 
  • Cure part
7. Philosophy
  • General- Logic 
  • Other writings - Kent – Observations/2nd prescription/incurable cases/simple substance, Robert-miasmatic cleavage/ concept of miasms/susceptibility/temperaments, J.H Allen – sycosis/ pseudo-psora, S.Close – posology/ logic of Homeopathy, Hughes– selection of similar remedy, Dunham - science of therapeutics /alternation/dose in proving/ use of high potencies
8. Miasms - Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis, Pseudo-psora, etc……..comparison, symptoms

9. Lesser Writings - Years, Editions etc 


1.Pseudo-psora denote the perfect hereditary combination of which miasm?

2.Primary level of prevention is emphasised in ------aphorism

3.Difficult labour at childbirth with severe prolonged and exhausting labour pains is a feature of ---- miasm

4.A 24 yr old female with unicornuate uterus reports with recurrent pregnancy loss even after appropriate homoeopathic treatment .this is suggestive of which of following kent’s observation?

5.Moral remedy is -----------

6.A patient developing CSOM after homoeopathic treatment of ASOM exemplifies which of the following kent’s observation?

7.Kents 11th observation conceptualise??

8.Atopic dermatitis is an example of --------

9.Wrong selection of homoeopathic medicine is illustrated in which kent’s observation?

10.Father of Indian homoeopathy?

11.Burnett recommended --- remedy for vaccinosis 

12.No of volumes of MM Pura 

13.Maupertuis law of least action is applicable in --------

14.The second edition of Organon was published at -----------

15.First English translator of Hahnemann’s Organon-----

16.Term Organon was first used by -----

17.The hidden treasure of Organon is a work of------------

18.Primary manifestation of sycosis is ------

19.A headache before menses is an example of ------------symptom

20.The concept of simple substance is propagated by-----------

21.Craving for fried and highly seasoned food but repugnance to boiled food --------miasm

22.Treatment with a specific medicine is indicated in ---------- 

Dr.Sreenath MD(Sch), Govt Homoeopathic Medical College, Calicut
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