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Allen's Keynote Relationship Remedies

Monday, 23 January 2017

Relationship Remedies mainly complementary, inimical and antidotes given in Allen's Keynote


1.Aconite - Coffea

2.Allium cepa - phos,puls,thuja

3.Alumina - Bry

4.Antim crud - Squilla

5.Apis - Nat mur

6.Arnica - Acon,Hyper,Rhus-t

7.Ars alb - All-s,Carb-v,Phos,Pyrog.

8.Bell - Calc

9.Bry - Alumina,Rhus tox

10.Calc carb - Bell

11.Calc phos - Ruta

12.Calendula - Hep,Sal-ac

13.Carbo animalis - Calc,Phos

14.Carbo veg - Kali carb

15.Causticum - Carbo veg,petr.

16.Chamomilla - Bell

17.Cinchona - Ferrum.

18.Colocynth - merc.

19.Cuprum met - Calc

20.Drosera - Nux vom

21.Dulcamera - Bar-c,Kali-s.

22.Ferrum met - Alum,China

23.Fluoricum acidum - Coca,Sil

24.Graphitis - Caust,Hep,Lyc

25.Hamamelis - Ferrum

26.Hepar sulph - Calend.

27.Iodum - Lyc

28.Ipecac - Cuprum

29.Kali carb - Carbo veg

30.Lachesis - Hep,Lyc,Nit-ac

31.Lyc - Iodine

32.mag carb - Chamomilla

33.Nat mur - Apis

34.Nitric acid - Ars, Calad

35.Nux vom - Sulph

36.phos - Ars

37.Psorinum - Sulph,Tub

38.Puls - Kali mur,Lyc,sil,Sul-ac,Kali-m

39.Rheum - Mag carb

40.Rhus tox - Bry

41.Sabina - Thuja

42.Sarsaparilla - Merc,Sep

43.Sepia - Nat mur

44.Silicea - Thuja,Sanicula

45.Stannum met - Puls

46.Sulphur - Aloe,Psor

47.Sulph acid - Puls

48.Thuja - Med,Sabad,Sil

49.Trillium - Calc phos

50.Tuberculinum - Psorinum,Sulph


1.Kreosotum - carbo veg

2.Nitric acid - Lachesis

3.Nux vom – Zinc

4.Rhus tox - Apis

5.Sepia - Lach,Puls

6.Staphysagria - Ran-b

7.Zinc met - Cham,Nux vom


1.Alumina = it antidotes lead poisoning

2.Amm-carb = it antidotes poisoning with rhustox

3.Bovista = it antidotes effects of local applications of tar

4.Camphora = it antidotes nearly every vegetable med&tobacco

5.Carbo acid = it is antidotted by dilute cider vinegar

6.Causticum =it antidotes paralysis from lead poisoning

7.Chelidonium = it antidotes the abuse of bry

8.Coca = used as a tobacco antidote

9.Digitalis = it is antidotted by cinchona

10.Hepar = it antidotes bad effects of mercury and other

Metals,iodine,iodide of potash,cod liver oil

11.Ignatia = it antidotted by puls

12.Kali brom = antidote for lead poisoning

13.Merc = antidotted by aur,Hep,Lach,Mez,Nit acid, Sulph

14.Nux moschata = antidotes mercurial inhalation,lead colic,

Oil of turpentine,bad effects of beer

15.Opium = Antidotes for strong coffee,poisonous doses,

Nux vom

16.Petroleum = Antidotes lead poisoning

17.Plumbum met = Bad effects of plumbum antidoted by alum,

Petro,plat,sulph acid,zinc

18.Podophyllum = it antidote bad effects of mercury

19.Tabaccum = antidott abuse of tobacco


1.Abrotanum = after hepar in furuncle,after acon&bry in


2.Acetic acid = after cinchona in hemorrhage,after digitalis in


3.Aesculus = after coll. In piles

4.Alumina = bry,Lach,Sulph

5.Anacardium ori. = after lyc &puls

6.Antim crud = after puls,merc,sulph

7.Arg met = after alum.

8.Apis = ars &puls follows apis well

9.Arg nit = after veret,lyc in flatulent dyspepsia

10.Arnica = after acon,apis,ham,Ip,vert.

11.Aurum met = syphilinum

12.Beriberis vul. = after arn,bry,Kali bi,Rhus tox,Sulph

13.Borax = it follows calc,psor,sanic,sulph

It followed by ars,bry,lyc,phos,sil

14.Bryonia = after bryonia ,alum,kali carb,nux vom,phos,

Rhus tox,sulph

15.Calc ars = after conium

16.Drosera = after samb,sulph,vert

17.Dulcamara = after calc,bry,lyc,rhus tox,sep

18.Eupatorium per. = by,nat mur &sep

19.Graphites = after lyc,puls,calc.after sepia in gushing


20.Hyoscyamus = bell in deafness after apoplexy

21.Iodum = after hep,merc. It followed by Kali bich

22.Ipecac = followed by ars,ant t

23.Kali bich = after canth or carb-ac has removed the

Scrapings in dysentery,after iod in croup,after

Calc in acute or chronic catarrh

24.Kali carb = after kali sulph,phos,stann

25.Kalmia = it follows spigelia

26.Kreosotum = follows well by ars,phos,sulph

27.Lycopodium = after calc,carbo veg,lach,sulph

28.Mercurius = after bell,hep,lach,sulph

29.Millefolium = after acon,arn in haemorrhages

30.Muriatic acid = after bry,merc,rhus tox

31.Natrium carb = after sep in bearing down

32.Natrium mur = followed by sepia,thuja

33.Nitricum acidum = follows well after calc,hep,merc,

Nat carb,puls,thuja

34.Nux vom = after ars,ipecac,phos,sep,sulph

Followed well by bry,puls,sulph

35.Phos acid = act well before or after china

36.Phos = after calc,china

37.Podophyllum = after Ip,Nux vom

38.Psorinum = after lac ac in vomiting of pregnancy

After arn. In traumatic affections of ovaries

39.Pulsatilla = after Kali bi,lyc,sep,sil,sulph

40.Sabadilla = bry and ran-b well in pleurisy

41.Sabina = thuja in condyloma

42.Sambucus = after opium in bad effects of fright

43.Selenium = after calad,nat mur,staph,ph-ac,

44.Sepia = after sil,sulph

45.Silicea = after calc,graph,hep,phos

Is followed by hep,fl-ac,lyc,sep

46.Spongia = after acon,hep in cough

47.Stannum met = after caust and is followed by calc,phos


48.Stramonium = bell,cupr,hyos,lys

49.Sulph acid = after arn,led

50.Symphytum = after arnica

51.Theridion = after calc,lyc

52.Thuja = after med,merc,nit acid

53.Veratrum album = after ars,arn,chin,cupr,Ip

54.Zincum met = is followed well by ign.

Prepared by Dr. Veena 

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