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Homeopathic Philosophy – Last moment revision

Monday, 20 February 2017

Last Moment Revision note:

The law which states “ all internal changes are the result of external causes” - Law of vis inertia

Spirit of Homoeopathic doctrine”…is the work of - Hahnemann

Hahnemann used potencies up to - 60

Organic resistance is maximum in - Crude dose

Anamnesis means - Recalling

Catamnesis - Follow up

Gellert's poem is found in- Organon 1st edition & Medicine of experience

Hahnemann was …. th child of his parents - 3rd

Brothers mercy hospital is situated in - Vienna

Canon of Medicine was written by - Avicenna

Father of surgery - Ambrosia Pare

Who is known as English Hippocrates - Sydenham

Grading of medicines first introduced by - Boenninghausen

Who introduced evaluations of symptoms in mm - Hering

Ranking of symptoms was first introduced, by - Gibson Miller

Invaluable gift of God according to Hahnemann - Sugar of milk (chronic disease)

“Homoeopathy is a gift of gracious God”….by - Hahnemann ( preface of 3rd edition)

Father of cellular pathology - Virchow

Morbi intercurrents are - Acute conditions while treating chronic

Spurious symptoms are - Which has no use in prescription or diagnosis

Marvellous priceless gift of God … is - Mesmerism ( aph 288- 6E)

Rhineland west alpha society in Germany established by - Boenninghausen

Genuine philanthropist according to Hahnemann - Brunner

“Guide to Health” is written by - Augustus Muller

who is known as the fosterer of Indian Homoeopathy - Mahendra Lal Sircar

Gallic society was established by - Hahnemann

Dyscrasia means - Inborn disease

Klocken bring was given …remedy by Hahnemann - Ant tart

Term exciting and maintaining cause was first used by - Galen

Susceptibility is in flux according to - Kent

Susceptibility is vacuum ….by - H A. Roberts

Diathesis - tendencies

Idiosyncrasy comes under ….miasm according to Hahnemann - Psoric

Modalities of a drug are pathognomonic symptoms of our mm - Boericke

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