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Materia Medica and Organon of Medicine Multiple Choice Questions

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

MCQ - Materia Medica and Organon of Medicine

1. Actea recemosa is prepared from :
a)Leaves b)Rhizome c)Seeds d)Flowers

2. Desire for apple is found in
a)Guaicum b)Ant tart c)Baryta carb d)Verat alb

3. Aphorism 92 deals with
a)Conjoint malady b)Placebo c)Complex disease d)Alternating action of medicine

4. The name 50millesimal potency was given by
a)Hahnemann b)P.Schmidt c)Boenninghausen d)J.T.Kent

5. Hahnemann schema is based on
a)Totality of symptom b)Anatomical c)Concomitant d)Complete symptom

6. Homoeopathy is based on
a)Inductive logic b)Deductive logic c)Both d)None

7. Cow pox is an example of
a)Non recurring type b)Half acute miasm c)Accessory mism d)chronic miasm

8. Placebo is mentioned in aphorism
a)94 b)153 c)83 d)283

9. Craving for potato is
a)Tubercular b)Psora c)Syphilis d)Sycosis

10.Bright red haemorrhage and painful sinking feeling at pit of stomach
a)Millefolium b)Trillium pendulum c)Phos d)Chrotalus horridus

11. Nervous aphonia with cardiac derangements
a)Acetic acid b)Phos c)Muriatic acid d)Oxalic acid

12.Dyspnea, must lie on right side or with head high
a)Spigelia b)Gelsemium c)Lobelia inflate d)Sepia

13.Uterine haemorrhages with sensation as though hips and back were falling to pieces; better tight bandages
a)Belladonna b)Trillium pendulum c)Millifolium d)Murex purpura

14.Which of the medicine shows symptom ‘Aversion to water’
a)Hammamelis b)Stramonium c) Hyocyamus d)Nux mos

15.Prescription of intermittent fever is mentioned in aphorism
a)246 b)23 c)216 d)118

16)Constipation in infants; wrenching pain in calves, extending into toes
a)Alumina b)Collinsonia c)Psorinum d)Paraffinum

17. Headache > by pressure or tight bandaging
a)Apis mel b)Puls c)Arg nit d)All

18.Dr.Kent was died due to
a)Bronchial pneumonia b)Tuberculosis c)Huntington’s disease d)Bright disease

19.Cold sensation in heart and diarrhoea after cabbage
a)Petroleum b)Petroselenum c)Nat mur d)Carbo an

20.Chronic hoarseness of voice and coryza ends in diarrhoea
a)Selenium b)Arg nit c)Arg met d)Arum tryph

21. Father of Indian Homoeopathy
a)Dr D.N Roy b)Dr Pratap Ch. Mazumdar c)Babu Rajendra Lal Dutta d)M.L Sarkar

22.Epilepsy in children with bitter taste in mouth
a)Bry b)Puls c)Cup met d)Borax

23.Post operative gas pain is a symptoms
a)Raphanus b)Gambogia c)Croton tig d)China

24.Which remedy follows well after agnus cactus in weakness of sexual organ or impotency
a)Caladium & Selenium b)Lyco & Selenium c)Caladium & Nux d)All the above

25.Inimical remedy of staphysagria is
a)Ranunculus b)Sulphur c)Ignatia d)Nat mur

26.Fits of uncontrollable weeping and melancholic delusions are symptoms of
a)Kali-br b)Ignatia c)Puls d)Lyco

27.Menses flow only when moving about, ceases to flow when she ceases to walk is found in
a)Lillium tig only b)Caust only c)Both A & B d)Mag carb

28.Pain as if borns were all torn to pieces is a symptom of
a)Rhustox b)Ruta c)Ipecac d)Ledum

29.Cyclamen eur proved and introduced by
a)Hahnemann b)Muller c)Clarke d)J.C Boardman

30.Common name of Robinia is
a)Cevadilla b)Rose laurel c)Mountain laurel d)Yellow locust

31.Aranea diadema is
a)Black Cuben spider b)Orange spider c)Papal cross spider d)Spanish spider

32.The drug Causticum belong to which group
a)Sodium b)Calcium c)Carbon d)Pottasium

33.Common name of Eupatorium perfoliatum is
a)Golden ragwort b)Mogwort c)Throughwort d)Snakewort

34.Common name of taraxacum is
a)Damiana b)Dandelion c)Stinging mettle d)Wake robin

35.If vertigo and headache be very persistence or prostration be prolonged after Nat mur, which medicine will relieve?
a)Nuv vom b)Carbo veg c)Acetic acid d)Gelsemium

36.Lachesis is introduced by
a)Kent b)Boenninghausen c)Hering d)Lippe

37.Sensation of cobweb on the face is the symptom of
a)Bromium b)Graphites c)Both A & B d)Bromium, Graphites & Baryta acetic

38. Hekla lava belongs to
a)Chemical source b)Nosodes c)Imponderablia d)Synthetic source

39. Toothache while nursing the child is found in
a)Staphysagria b)Kreosote c)Alumina d)Chaina

40. eructation tasting like onion is found in
a)Thuja b)Mag mur c)Ignatia d)Opium

41.At the end of treatment the anti miasmatic medicine required is
a)Anti syphilitic b)Anti sycotic c)Anti pseudopsoric d)Anti psoric

42.Desire cold food is marked in which miasm
a)Psora b)Syphilis c)Sycosis d)Tubercular

43.The common symptoms of the disease on diagnosis can be made are
a)Pathognomonic symptoms b)Characteristic symptom c)Keynote symptoms d)General symptoms

44.Aphorism number 77 deals with
a)Acute disease b)Artificial chronic disease c)False chronic disease d)True chronic disease

45.Die Chronischen Krankheiten means
a)Chronic miasms b)Chronic diseases c)Crude drug d)Deep acting drug

46. Polyuria with coryza is an example of symptom
a)Guiding b)Concomitant c)Objective d)Subjective

47.Homoeopathy can remove the symptoms, but the disease remains was stated by
a)Hufeland b)Hering c)Boericke d)None

48.Ratahnia is prepared from
a)Rhizome b)Root c)Leaves d)Stem

49.A synoptic key of material medica was written by
a)H.C Allen b)T.F Allen c)C.M Boger d)J.T Kent

50.Twiching of every muscle from eyes to toes without consciousness is found in
a)Nux vom b)Hyos c)Causticum d)Ignatia

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