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Practice of Medicine Multiple Choice Questions

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

1. Earliest sensation to be lost in Hansen’s disease is
a. Pain    b. touch     c. vibration     d. temperature.

2 .Slapped cheek appearance is seen in .
a. roseola infant um      b. erythema infectious   c. erythema subitum    d.erythemamultiforme

3. Satellite lesion is seen in
a. tuberculoid       b. BT       c.LL       d. histoid leprosy.

4.Scabies in children differs from that in adult in that it affects
a.webspace       b.face.       c.genitalia        d.axilla

5. Guttate psoriasis is associated with
a. drug allergy       b.streptococcal infection        c. auto immune        d.trauma

6 . Boggy swelling on head with easily pluckable hair in a young child , diagnosis is
a.pyodermacapitis       b.tineacapitis        c.alopecia area ta        d. none

7 .The most common site for zoster involvement is
a.lumbar area       b .cervical       c.limbs       d.thoracic

8. Darriers sign is seen in
a. xerodermapigmentosa        b. urticarial pigmentosa       c.herpes zoster      d.glucoganoma

9. A 23 yrs old lady presented with vesicular lesion in the buccal mucosa & crusted lesion on the skin possible diagnosis is
a. pemphigus vulgaris        b. pemphigus foliaceous      c. pemphigoid       d. dermatitis herpetiformis

10. Maculae cerulean is seen in
a.pediculosishumaniscorporis       b. pediculosisscapitis        c. pthiris pubis       d. lupus erythematosis.

11. Patch test is read after
a. 2hrs      b .2 days      c.2weeks      d.2months

12. Rhynophyma is
a.glandular form of acne rosacea        b. form of acne vulgaris         c. affect the scalp       d. form of dermatofiboma

13. Non cicatrical alopecia is present in
a. scleroderma      b.lichenplanus      c.psoriasis       d. parvo virus

14. The most common cause of seizures in a patient of AIDS is
a. toxoplasmosis       b. cryptococcal meningitis        c. progressive multifocal leucoencehalopathy.      d. cns lymphoma.

15 . The commonest complication of mumps in childhood is
a.orchitis        b. aseptic meningitis          c. pancreatitis          d.myocarditis.

16. A patient presenting with cervical lymphadenopathy gives ahistory of having sex 3weeks back .he thinks he has got AIDS .Which of the following tests will clinch the diagnosis.
A . ELISA        b. p24 antigen         c. western blot         d.lympnode biopsy.
17.Hand foot and mouth disease is caused by
a.adeno virus        b.coxsacke virus         c. rhabdo virus       d. picorna virus.

18.The most infectious variety of diphthearia is
a.anterior nasal        b.posterior nasal          c.faucial      d.laryngeal.

19 Poisoning of food by which of the organism has the shortest incubation period.
a.s.aureus        b.salmonella        c.botulism .perfringes.

20. Investigation of choice in the diagnosis of thyphoid in the first week.
a.blood culture       b.widal test       c.stool culture       d.urine culture.

21.Commonest cause of amoebic liver lund abscess is
a. extension from liver abscess        b. rupture of pericardial abscess        c.aspiration of amoebic cyst         d.haematological spread.

22. Malaria affect following the organs except
a.brain      b.heart      c.liver      d.kidney.

23. Pinta is caused by
a.T.pallidum     b.T.pertenue      c.T.carateum      d.T.cruzi

24 .Most common opportunistic infection infection in AIDS
a. Cryptococcus      b.TB       c.candidiasis       d.aspergillosis.

25.Winter bottom sign is seen in
a.american sleeping sickness       b.african sleeping sickness      c.gonorrhoea       d. filarial

26. Candle grease sign is seen in
a.lichenplanus      b.pityriasis       c. erythema multiformae       d.psoriasis

27. Herald patch is characteristic of
a.pityriasisversicolor      b.pityriasisrosea         c.lichenplanus          d.atopic eczema

28.Fifth disease is caused by
A.paramyxo virus        b.adeno virus        c.pox virus        d.parvo virus

29.Current jelly sputum is seen in
a. streptococcus pneumonia        b.pseudomonas           c.legionella          d.klebsiella

30.Most common heart valve involved in bacterial endocarditis
a.aortic        b,pulmonary            c.mitral           d.tricspid

31 .Merckel cells are seen in 

32.Foxfordyce’s disease is the disease of
a. apocrine gland           b.holocrine           c.eccrine          d.lachrymal gland

33. Sand paper skin is seen in
a.psoriasis        b.pityriasis          c.lichenolanus          d.scarlet fever

34.The most common cause of unilateral facial palsy
A .sarcoidosis          b.GBsyndrome          c.Mumps          d.herpes

35.Wickham’sstriae is seen in
a. psoriasis           b. candidiasis            c.lichenplanus             d.taenia

36.Coin shaped eczema is
a.pomholyx      b.asteatotic         c.seborrhic           d. nummular

37.Cholinergic urticarial is caused by
a.plant products             b.sun          c.water           d.heat

38.Beaus line is seen in
a.arsenic poisoning              b.mercury poisoning              c.pneumonia              d.renal failure

39.commonest skin CA
a. squamous cell ca             b.basal cell            c.melanoma              d.actinic keratosis

40.Morphea is
a.lupuserythematosis           b.lichenplanus           c.localised scleroderma        d.generalised scleroderma

41.Ash leaf spots is seen in
a.Taenia          b.erythrasma            c.tuberous sclerosis             d.pseudomonas

42.Visual hallucination is seen in
a.Schizophrenia          b.delirium             c .coccaine              d.alcohol

43.The most common type of schizophrenia is
a. simple          b.catatonic           c.paranoid           d.hebephrenic

44.Organism have been isolated from air conditioning system
a.pseudomonas          b.klebsiella              c.bartonella               d.legionella

45.Fries intradermal test is the diagnostic test of
a.donovaniosis             b .toxoplasmosis                 c.LGV        d.schistostomiasis

46.Montenegro skin test is positive in
a.kalaazar          b.PKDL            c.espundia            d.oriental sore

47.Swimming or bathing in contaminated water causes meningoencephalitis is caused by
a.meningococcib              b. clostridium          c.naegleria           d.cytomegalovirus

48.Katayama disease is caused by
a.s.haematobium           b.s.mansoni           c.s. japonicum            d.strongyloids

49.Maternal antibody donot give protection in
a.diphtheria          b.pertusis             c.tetanus               d.polio

50.Maccallum patch is seen
a.right atrium          b.left atrium           c.left ventricle               d.right ventricle.

Answer Key:

1.D 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.B 6.B 7.D 8.B 9.B 10.C 11.B 12.A 13.C 14.A 15. 16.B 17.B 18.A 19.A 20.A 21.A 22.B 23.C 24.B 25.A 26.D 27.B 28.D 29.D 30.C 31.B 32.A 33.D 34.D 35.C 36 .D 37.D 38.C 39.B 40.C 41.C 42.B 43.C 44.D 45.C 46.D 47.C 48.B 49.B 50.B

Prepared by
      Dr.Smitha Mohan MD Scholar, GHMCT

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