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Materia Medica Multiple Choice Questions to work out for a competitive Exam

Friday, 2 June 2017

Materia Medica:

1.Delirium with constant raving;tries to get out of bed;in typhoid or typhus ;the indicated medicine is
a)coca    b)cannabis indica    c)strammonium    d)agaricus muscarius

2.Which of the following medicine is fastidious
a)lycopodium     b)aconitum napellus    c)carcinosinum     d)tuberculinum

3.Medicine for sudden call to stool,yellow substance like pulp of orange in stool is
a)aloe socotrina       b)natrum carb     c)sulphur      d)trombidium

4.Like sulphur in many chronic diseaseswith abdominal plethora and congestion of portal circulation ;develops suppressed eruption.
a)psorinum       b)agaricus     c)aloe socotrina         d)cuprum met

5.this medicine often cures lasciviousness when Hyos fails.
a)sulphur       b)phosphorous      c)strammonium      d)nitric acid

6.mouth ulcer with stomach carcinoma ‘is the symptom of which medicine
a)condurango     b)bismuthum        c)ornithogallum      d)carboic acid

7.feels unusually well day before an acute attack of disease
a) veratrum viride       b)opium      c)psorinum       d)strammonium

8.which of the following medicine follows bell well in deafness after apoplexy
a)pulsatilla       b)merc sol      c)arnica        d)hyoscyamus

9.cures muscular weakness following excessive use of opium and tobacco.
a)muriatic acid           b)psorinum        c)sulphuric acid               d)nitric acid

10.which medicine has aversion for bread during pregnancy.
a)Sepia              b)lycopodium       c)colchicum            d)arsenicum album root is
a)spigelia           b)sanguinaria        c)phytolacca            d)caulophyllum

12.persons of light complexion ,blonds,thin ,spare, irritable ;subject to hepatic ,gastric,and abdominal complaints;every age sex and temperament..
a)nitric acid            b)chelidonium            c)nux vomica           d)bryonia

13.complimentary medicine of calcarea phos
a)calcarea carb          b)natrum phos          c)ruta          c)china arnica rhus tox in contusions ;ars , cancer ;calc.,psor.,in glandular swellings
a)bromium       b)iodium     c)belladonna        d)conium mac

15.diarrhea:during a spell of hot weather;bilious,acrid with soreness of anus ;like dirty water ;of undigested food;
a)bryonia         b)podophyllum       c)veratrum alb        d)cuprum met

16.child is afraid to speak or move for fear of bringing on a paroxysm of coughing.
A)cina alone       b)cina and spongia       c)cina and bryonia         d)drosera

17.aggravation :cold ;during menses,during new moon ;uncovering especially the head,lying down
a)hepar sulph      b) natrum mur      c)silicea         d)calcarea

18.suppuration of lungs ,after hemorrhage of pneumonia
a)merc ,kali carb           b)merc alone          c)kali carb alone           d)merc ,kali carb,amm.carb

19.loses the breath when falling asleep,must awaken to get breath
a)amm.carb        b)lachesis        c)grindelia           d)all the above

20.the bad effects of ignatia antidote by
a)nux vom           b)sulphur          c)calcarea          d)pulsatilla

21.patient trembles ,legs weak, stumbles easily or makes mis-steps
a)zinc          b)causticum          c)phosphoric acid             d)agaricus

22.sneezing and coryza from putting hands in water is the symptom of
a)phosphorous            b)lac defloratum       c)both             d)none

23.great dryness of mouth in the morning,without thirst
a)mercurious          b)pulsatilla       c)apis mel            d)none

24.disagrees, either used before or after rhus –tox
a)nux vom           b)bryonia          c)apis mel           d)phosphorous

25.cough short and dry ,or deep and loose ,during pregnancy.
a)conium and bryonia       b)antim tart and apocyanum        c)conium and apocyanum      d)antim tart and bryonia

26.acute or chronic diseases from unusual ;or long continued mental exertion.
a)staphysagria        b)colocynth      c)argentum nitricum           d)antim crud

27. great weakness of chest, cannot bear to talk.
A) digitalis.        B) phosphorous     C) bryonia.      D) drosera

28. eyeballs: sore to touch; pain as if they would be pulled back in to head.
A) hepar sulph only .          B)hepar, oleander , par          C) hepar sulph and physostigma          d) none of the above

29. intense sleeplessness of irritable, excitable persons from business embarrassments, oft en imaginary
A) bryonia.          B) belladonna       C) hyoscyamus Niger .       D) stramonium

30. canine hunger ; the more he eats, the more he craves; headache if he does not eat .
A) natrum Mur .        B) sulphur          C) iodum.             D) Ly copodium.

31. for light haired, irresolute persons of a phlegmatic temperament
A) mezerium.            B) pulsatilla           C) Kali bich.            D) Agnus castus

32. uncertainity in walking, stumbling gait, stumbles over everything in the way; feels pain as if beaten, when standing.
A) Causticum.          B) agaricus       C) zincum met .            D) cuprum met

33.palpitation of heart is felt in the face.
A)digitalis.             B) muriatic acid              C) amylum nitrosum.                D) glonoinum

34. acts promptly by inhalation; resuscitate persons sinking under anaesthetics
A) camphor .              B) amylum nitrosum.            C) carbo veg.            D) all of the above

35. ulcers: red edges and vesicles; decubitus; copious discharge, violent pains, like streaks of Lightning, confined to a small spot .
A) mezerium.           B)Merc Sol .            C) fluoric acid             d)graphites

36. gastralgia: of pregnancy ; with pressing, drawing pains; whenever stomach is empty; relieved by constant eating.
A) nux vomica.               B) arsenicum album            C) petroleum.                D) phosphorous

37. relieved by constant eating, the medicines are. . . .
A) anacardium and chelidonium.           B) anacardium and allium cepa        C) petroleum and chelidonium.              D)all the above

38. burning sore pain in heels, when sitting standing or walking in openair . .
A) agar, Causticum, phytolacca, cyclamen.           B) valerian, pulsatilla, rhus tox           C) all the abov e.           D) none of the above.

39. small boils in any part of body , but not especially in external auditory canal
A) pulsatilla.          B) picric acid           C) cicuta virosa.           D) silicea

40. satiety of life, with taciturnity and fear of death.
A) silicea.            B) platinum met .          C) nitric acid.            D) nux vomica

41. burning along spine and great weakness of spine and back; softeni ng of cord.
A) phosphorous, zincum met , picric acid.            B)phosphorous and agaricus           C)phosphorous only            d) none

42. middle of lower lip cracked.
A) hepar sulph.           B) Natrum Mur             C) both of the above .          D) none of the above

43. cannot spell correctly ; wonder show a well known name is spelled.
A) psorinum            B) medorrhinum        C) lac caninum.                    D) cannabis indica

44. body painfully sensitive to touch; parts touched feel chilly; touch sends shudder through the whole frame
A) hepar sulph.            B) spigelia        C) arnica.              D) chamomilla

45. melancholy , despondent , morose, irritable, fretful , peevish, taciturnity , sulky ; naturally of a sweet disposition, now on the border line of insanity .
A) syphilinum.            B) baryta carb           C) tuberculin.             D)Lachesis

46. severe dull pain in the bladder , as from distension, not ameliorated after urinat ing.
A) cantharis.               B)Lycopodium              C) Berberis vulg                D) equisetum

47. Bone pains affecting back, head, chest , limbs, especially the wrists, as if dislocated. the more general and severe, the better adapted. . .
A)Eupatorium.              B) rhu stox                    C)Bryonia.             D) Merc.

48. Headache: of drunkards; af er debauchery ; after lemonade, tea, wine; every after noon.
A) agaricus.           B) selenium met            C) argentums nitricum.                D) nux vom

49. after pains: too long; too painful ; hourglass contraction.
A)caulophyllum.              B) secale cor             C) Sabina.               D) nux vom

50. child headstrong, obstinate, cries and kicks; cross, irritable, quickly alternates with laughter ; does not want to be touched.
A)cina.              B)chamomilla              C) antim crud.                   D) sanicula

51. one of our best antidotes for leadpoisoning.
A) petroleum.               B)pulsatilla                C) platinum met .              D) petroselinum

52.regurgitation and eructation of food in mouthfuls.without nausea
A)Alumina           b)ferrum met           c)nux vom                d)antim crud

53.cholera infantum ,with reflex irritation of brain,before effusion.
A)veratrum album          b)cuprum met          C)kali brom               d)podophyllum

54.daily colic of infant at 4pm
a)kali brom            b)lycopodium           c)colocynth                d)lycopodium and colocynth

55.haemoptysis:incipient phthisis ,with bloody sputa ;in advanced stages with copious ,purulent expectoration and troublesome cough.
a)drosera                b)kali bich            c)trillium pendulum                 d)millefolium

56.excessive sexual irritation driving to self abuse,
a)murex purpura            b)sepia           c)selenium met                  d)zincum met

57.carotid and submaxillary glands indurated after diphtheria, scarlet fever .
a)iodum             b)bromium            c)phytolacca            d)natrum mur

58.sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat
a)silicea          b)valeriana           c)sabadilla               d)natrum mur

59.cerebro spinal diseases ;with spasms ,dilated pupils,titanic convulsions,opisthotonos;cold,clammy perspiration.
a)veratrum viride         b)veratrum alb         c)carbo veg            d)all the above

60.slow of perception ;intellectual torpor ,gradually increasing apathy.
a)platinum met            b)zincum met             c)plumbum met             d)phosphoric acid

61.hemoptysis:tickling cough,with taste of blood or sulphur ,venous ,without effort or coughing ;some times monthly ,for years
a)acalypha indica           b)drosera           c)spongia             d)hamamelis

62.aphonia :complete ,after exposure to north –west wind ;
a)aconite          b)hepar sulph              c)arum tryphyllum              d)all the above

63.sanguine,ruddy people ,with black hair and eyes;lively ,restless ,anxious about the future.
a)aurum met            b)causticum         c)merc sol             d)nitric acid

64.joints weak,easily sprained by slight exertion.
a)carbo animalis         b)rhus tox       c)guaicum               d)calcarea carb

65.weakness of memory and slowness of thought
a)anacardium              b)cannabis indica            c)carboveg                  d)medorrhinum

66.tall lean stooping persons ,dark complexion ,sanguine choleric temperament.
a)phosphorous              b)coffea            c)sulphur                d)all the above

67.relieves ailments resulting from abuse of mercury,especially if there be erethism;bad effects of repeated doses of digitalis.
a)nux vomica           b)nitric acid           c)thuja            d)sulphur

68.this medicine antidotes mercurial ,lead colic ,oil of turpentine ,spirituous liquors,and especially the effects of bad beer.
a)Platinum met             b)merc sol           c)thuja                d)nux moschata

69.swallows without pain ,but fluids are vomited or returned by the nose ;breath horribly offensive.
a)bapticia tinctoria            b)diphtherinum           c)psorinum                 c)anthracinum

70.felons;early when pains are sharp and agonising ,when pricking is first felt;nails brittle.
a)silicea              b)hepar sulph               c)merc sol                 d)dioscorea

71.cinchona antidotes the direct action of this drug and increases the anxiety.
a)digitalis               b)nux vomica                c)apocyanum                d)arsenicum album

72.for persons who are wearing out under the physical and mental strain of a busy life;who suffer from exhausted nerves and brain.
a)aconite           b)coca           c)fluoric acid              d)nux vom

73.rapid caries of teeth;fistula dentalis or lachrimalis;exostosis of bones of face.
a)coca           b)phosphoric acid       c)hecla lava               d)silicea

74.constipation ,with ineffectual urging >by drinking cold milk.
a)causticum           b)graphites               c)iodum             d)all the above

75.pains as if bones were torn to pieces
a)eupatorium      b)rhus tox     c)chamomilla          d)ipecac

76.should not be given during lying in period ,except in high potencies.-Hering
a)sepia          b)iodum         c)staphysagria               d)nitric acid

77.antim tart follows well in catarrhal affections and skin diseases.
a)psorinum             b)kali bich               c)lycopodium               d)kali carb follows spigelia well in heart diseases.
a)kalmia            b)ledum pal          c)digitalis                 d)gelsemium

79.obesity;fatty degeneration
a)ammonium mur           b) calcarea carb            c)lac defloratum              d)lachesis

80.adapted to the rheumatic, gouty diathesis ;constitutions abused by alcohol
a)rhus tox            b)bryonia           c)calcarea               d)ledum pal

81.urine of a deep orange red colour ;copious red sediment
a)sepia            b)nitric acid           c)lobelia                 d)kreosotum of rhododendron chrysanthum
a)anacardiaceae                b)ericaceae              c)loganaceae                  d)cruciferae

83.renal colic :violent spasmodic pains along ureter,left side;deathly nausea and cold perspiration.
a)bereberis vulg            b)lycopodium            c)tabaccum              d)cantharis

84.”on blowing the nose a pressing pain in the hollow tooth or at the side of it.”said by
A)Hering           b)Boenninghausen         c)Hahnemann             d)Kent

85.cough deep ,dry ,precedes the fever paroxysms
a)china                 b)sambuccus            c)ipecac                  d)cedron is intolerable :produces nervousness,goes through bone and marrow.
a)thuja           b)natrum carb          c)Sabina              d)aconite

87.aching in and over eyes ,with blurred vision ,as if they had been strained.
a)symphytum            b)ruta            c)euphrasia                  d)rhus tox

88.sensation of lump in throat ;descends on swallowing,but returns immediately.
a)hepar sulph            b)nitric acid              c)rumex crispus               d)argentum nitricum

89.terrible toothache during early months of pregnancy;tooth feels elongated;<lying,compelling to rise and walk about.
a)pulsatilla              b)chammomilla            c)coffea                  d)ratanhia

90.latent pyrogenic process,patient continually relapsing after apparent similimum
a)anthracinum            b)pyrogenium           c)psorinum                d)sulphur

91.constipation :obstinate with backache;from inactivity of rectum;when sulphur fails to relieve.
a)psorinum            b)graphites              c)causticum               d)tuberculinum

92.violent cramps in feet,calves;thighs;with watery,painless stools.
a) cuprum met               b)podophyllum            c)veratrum alb                d)none of the above

93.sudden retrocession of acute exanthema results in paralysis of brain or convulsions.
a)opium          b)sulphur           c)psorinum               d)cuprum met

94.tubercular pharingitis
a)hepar sulph            b)tuberculinum             c)merc bin iodatus              d)merc sol

95.aggravation: approach of a storm;rainy ,changeable weather.
a)melilotus          b)rhododendron         c)phosphorous             d)rhus tox

96.urine :pale ,yellow,can only be passed by bearing down with abdominal muscles ;weakness of bladder.
a)mag mur            b)zincum met               c)phos-acid                d)picric acid

97.saliva:tough ,ropy, viscid ,froathy in mouth and throat,with constant spitting.
a)nux moschata          b)lyssinum              c)mercurious                d)lycopodium

98.tormented about her salvation ,with ovarian or uterine complaints;consolation <.
a)liium tig            b)lycopodium                c)medorrhinum            d)lachesis

99.when walking sems to be walking on air;when lying ,does not seem to touch the bed
a)sticta              b)lac caninum             c)arsenicum album                d)bufo rana

100.nursing sore mouth ;tongue large ;shows imprint of teeth.
a)mercurious                  b)podophyllum             c)hydrastis              d)chelidonium

Answer key.

1.D. 26.C. 51.A. 76.B

2.C. 27.A. 52..B. 77.B

3.B. 28.B. 53.C. 78.A

4.C. 29.C. 54.D. 79..C

5.B. 30.D. 55.C. 80.D

6.A. 31.A. 56.D. 81.C

7.C. 32.B. 57.C. 82.B

8.D. 33.B. 58.B. 83.C

9.A. 34.B. 59.A. 84.B

10.B. 35.C. 60.C. 85.B

11.A. 36.C. 61.D. 86.C

12.B. 37.D. 62.D. 87.B

13.C. 38.A. 63.A. 88.C

14.D. 39.B. 64.A. 89.D

15.A. 40.B. 65.C. 90.B

16.C. 41.A. 66.B. 91.A

17.C. 42.C. 67.B. 92.B

18.A. 43.B. 68.D. 93.A

19.D. 44.B. 69.B. 94.C

20.D. 45.C. 70.D. 95.A

21.C. 46.D. 71.A. 96.A

22.C. 47.A. 72.B. 97.B

23.B. 48.B. 73.C. 98.A

24.C. 49.B. 74.C. 99.B

25.C. 50.D. 75.D. 100.C

Prepared by:
     Dr.Anju A.P

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