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Strategic position of India in the Homeopathic World-Lessons from NHMRC report; interactive meeting at Kottayam

Monday, 29 January 2018

An interactive meeting on "Strategic position of India in the Homeopathic World-Lessons from NHMRC report"

Organised by National Homoeopathic Research Institute in Mental Health, Kottayam

On 31st January & 1st February, 2018 (10 a.m)

Venue: National Homeopathic Research Institute in Mental Health,Kottayam,Kerala

The NHMRC(National Health and Medical Research Council,Australia) report on Homoeopathy claims to be based on over 1800 studies but is in fact based on only 176 studies. They dismissed the findings of all homeopathy trials with less than 150 and a quality score less than the maximum 5/5 on the Jadad quality rating scale(Jadad scoring is meant to assess the methodological strength of clinical trial.Scoring rate from Zero to Five) . This left only 5 trials they considered ‘reliable’. This method of assessing evidence is unprecedented in reviews by NHMRC and distorted the results given to the public. 

And screening of movie JUST ONE DROP

  • Ms.Rachel Roberts,Chief Executive,Homeopathy Research Institute ,UK
  • Dr.R.K.Manchanda,Director General,CCRH,NewDelhi
On 31st January 2018, the interactive session is organised for industrialists,CCH members and CCRH officers.

On 1st February 2018, the session is dedicated to the Homeopathic Faculties,practitioners,PGs, interns and students.

In both the sessions,'Just One Drop' movie will be screened for the audience.
Registration charges:
On 31st January 2018-Rs.5000/-
On 1 February 2018-Rs.500/- for the practitioners and faculties and RS.200/- for the students

Spot registration is also available

Registration Link:

For further details please contact

Mob: 8169959184


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