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Saturday, December 1, 2018

MCQs in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Frequently asked MCQs in Forensic Medicine

1. Which among the following I.P.C. Sec. is being reformed recently by the court of law in India?
(a) 376
(b) 354
(c) 497
(d) 376B

2. Which is mainly a nephrotoxic poison, except
(a) Arsenic
(b) Mercury
(c) Oxalic acid
(d) Phenol

3. When the patient is injured or dies due to some unintentional act during treatment by a doctor or the agent of the doctor or hospital, it is known as
(a) Therapeutic privilege
(b) Vicarious liability
(c) Therapeutic misadventure
(d) Error of Judgment

4. Aseptic autolysis is seen in
(a) Maceration
(b) Mummification
(c) Adipocere
(d) Putrefaction

5. The hydrostatic test may be false if the foetus has
(a) Bronchopneumonia
(b) Atelectasis
(c) Presence of putrefactive gas
(d) Any of the above

6. Which of the following poison is somniferous?
(a) Dhatura
(b) Cannabis
(c) Belladonna
(d) Opium

7. The death certificate cannot be issued if the doctor is not
(a) Sure of the cause of the death
(b) Provided with professional fees
(c) Able to rule out the possibility of foul play
(d) Able to inspect the body and satisfied to be dead
(e) Attended the patient during the last phase of his life
(f) Satisfied with all of the conditions except (d) and (e)
(g) Satisfied with any of the above conditions except (b)

8. An arrested person can request the magistrate for medical examination of his body by a registered medical practitioner as per the following provision in the code of Criminal Procedure
(a) Sec. 53 Cr. P.C.
(b) Sec. 54 Cr. P.C.
(c) Sec. 56 Cr. P.C.
(d) Sec. 57 Cr. P.C.

9. All are grievous injuries except
(a) Fracture tooth
(b) Avulsion of nail
(c) Facial burns
(d) Emasculation

10. A male child of 15 years with a mental age of 9 years has an IQ of
(a) 50
(b) 60
(c) 70
(d) 80

11. Locard’s exchange principle is used to
(a) Detect crimes
(b) Estimate age
(c) Find out time since death
(d) Detect poison

12. The temperature of the body rises up for the first two hours after death. The probable condition includes following, except
(a) Sunstroke
(b) Frostbite
(c) Septicemia
(d) Tetanus

13. A 17 years old female patient came to emergency 1 ½ hours after severe H2SO4 poisoning with features of hypotension, restlessness, next step is
(a) Ryle’s tube intubation
(b) I.V. fluid sedation, monitoring
(c) Gastric lavage
(d) Antidote should be given

14. Which of the following may act as an antidote in phosphorus poisoning?
(a) Morphine
(b) Copper sulfate
(c) BAL
(d) EDTA

15. Formication is a type of
(a) Auditory hallucination
(b) Olfactory hallucination
(c) Tactile hallucination
(d) Dejaru

ANSWER KEY: 1.C, 2.B, 3.C, 4.A, 5.C 6.D, 7.G, 8.B, 9.B, 10.B 11.A, 12.B, 13.B, 14.B, 15.C
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